COVID-19 Baseball Safety Guidelines

Officials (umpires)

Do you have symptoms?

Have you had Exposure?

If you answered "yes" to the mentioned, then follow government guidelines link and do not attend the event.

Officials (Umpires) Guidelines short summary below. To view a complete list click download below.

  • Do you have COVID-19 symptoms? Have you been exposed to someone with COVID-19? Then check government Covid-19 safety guidelines before attending a game. That is if you have been exposed or have symptoms follow guidelines, isolate and you may not participate in the game or practise.
  • Persons from different households should not use carpool unless necessary, as per current government guidelines. If carpooling is essential, the vehicle should be well ventilated, and all occupants are encouraged to wear masks.
  • You are strongly encouraged to also wear a face covering in other enclosed spaces where it is difficult to maintain social distancing, or where there are people you do not normally meet. For example, in taxis and private hire vehicles.
  • Umpires should carry protective face covering (mask), protective rubber gloves and hand sanitiser with them to each game.
  • Arrive at the field with as much of your uniform on as possible to avoid changing rooms.
  • No use of changing room, clubhouse, other facilities allowed.
  • Minimise communicating, or being in direct contact with others.
  • Practise government social distancing guidelines.
  • Bring your water and do not share.
  • All your equipment needs to be sanitised before, after the game and during if it is in contact with others.

Stay alert, control the virus, and in doing so, save lives.

This is an interactive image. Scroll over the yellow caution icons to learn more.

Download COVID19 Officials Guidelines

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