As the NGB of baseball, to follow are our official action plan, risk assessment and guidelines for our sport. The mentioned should be followed in full before taking part in any baseball activity and with government social distancing and other COVID-19 guidelines.



Risk assessment guidelines

For clubs' and organisations leaders: For every instance, there is a face-to-face activity, you should follow first a risk management process which is systematic, and which risks can be mitigated. Your clubs' leadership and management plan to recovery in resuming face-to-face activities require a goal-oriented approach to mitigating risks.

We expect baseball entities:

1. To disclose to the BBF, in writing , anything which is material (financial and non-financial) which we should reasonably expect to be informed, which affects your operations, participants health (reported cases of COVID-19), safety or clubs sustainability.

2. Further, if your a BBF member club and you are experiencing a shortage of volunteers, players, officials, teams, and limitations to field rentals or availability. 3. To take all reasonable steps to continue fulfilling your clubs or teams obligations to carefully starting baseball group activities (fixtures) and following government guidelines.

4. Assign a COVID19 Key Contact with us (BBF) to receive updates and be accountable to communicate and follow mitigation guidelines.

5. Participants should register with us for any BBF event for Test and Trace purposes. Your club's holistic risk management system should consist of (not exhaustive):

  • Identify risks: Identify and define potential risks (e.g., shortage of volunteers and players; reduced public transportation networks, government movement restrictions and other mass gatherings national measures, field availability, securing PPE equipment, financial).
  • Assess risks: Risk and resource assessment (see dowload guide);
  • Review controls: Risk treatment (prevention, controls, resources available, risk response); Clearly defined responsibilities and assign accordingly to dependable and persons with authority to carry them out.
  • Control risks: Monitoring and reviewing (record, report, update your risk management system and take corrective actions when necessary). Develop a management and stakeholders communication plan.

A complete set of risk assessment guidelines can be downloaded below and should be followed before any activity on a day.

Download Risk Assessment Guidelines

(which go with the other safety guidelines in this site)

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