Women's Baseball League

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Registration starts 1st December for Women's, Youth and Senior Baseball

The start of the BBF Women's Baseball League with Club registration on the 1st December.

League details:

  • The league is open to any women in a BBF registered club team.
  • Regular season: April to August.
  • 24 game schedule proposed.
  • BBF National Baseball Championhips - Playoffs: August to September.
  • Games: Single and Doubleheaders.
  • Playing day: Saturday. Women can play in both the Women's Baseball League and Seniors Leagues.
  • Rules: Women's baseball will have their own rules.
  • Standings and statistics: BBF website.
  • Schedule: Subject to how many teams register on or before 28 February 2021. Travel will be limited to geographic regions, to minimise transporting.
  • Playoffs: All teams will take part in a national playoffs system. Seedings will be determined by the win and loss record, at the end of the regular season.
  • Awards: MVP, and National Champion.


The British Baseball Federation (BBF) provides its members the options and support, for women to maximise their opportunities in baseball. The BBF Women's Baseball League will solely be dedicated to women, which abides by nationally and internationally recognised rules and NGB standards. The BBF Women's Baseball League is committed to a common purpose: To develop and promote an equitable framework for women playing baseball.

The British Baseball Federation Women's Baseball Mission

"To empower and promote women so they can experience and enjoy equitable baseball opportunities to reach their potential both nationally and internationally."

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DISCLAIMER: In consideration of government guidelines and the uncertainty of further social distancing restrictions to mitigate the spread of the virus, everything noted is subject to change. The BBF continues to be agile for disruptions to our sport and will work with the British Baseball community to provide any government approved safety guidelines necessary.

Interview with the founder of WB-UK