Amanda Hocking

founder of the WB-UK Women's Baseball UK

In her own words, Amanda Hocking.

2020 has been a challenging year for all sports, let alone baseball. However, what a year it has been for women in baseball! From the fantastic news of the recruitment of the first female coaches in MLB history to the Miami Marlins hiring Kim Ng, who has recently become the first female General Manager for any MLB organisation. The mentioned remarkable women have opened the doors for many girls and women, who can now achieve the same goals with a much easier pathway to the top. I am pleased that the British Baseball Federation has set a great example in modernising as a National Governing Body without hesitation and have committed to invest in women's baseball by providing equal opportunities such as the women's national team. By also forming a women's baseball league for 2021, this creates further opportunities for our female players. The BBF has since sourced private funding for equipment for the Women's Baseball League. The equipment is specifically for women's baseball use which will help significantly for the 2021 league and towards player development.

Our mission is to help players achieve their maximum potential. We will be encouraging players from beginner to intermediate levels to attend free webinars that include professional guidance and knowledge of the game as well as providing ways to train from home during the pandemic and winter months.

We are delighted to announce that we will be entering a Great Britain team for the Women's European Baseball Championship in July 2021. The Championship will be a valuable opportunity for women to learn and experience competitive baseball during the event.

If you are interested in trying out for the team and hold a British passport, please get in touch today by emailing: I have every confidence that the women will provide 100% commitment in training, even during a difficult time of the world. We have waited long enough for this moment, and we will work just as hard to be game ready for July. Next year's BBF Women's League will provide players across the UK an exciting new opportunity to experience more game time, positions on the field and be part of a unique community that women's baseball has to offer. With Opening Day set for April 3rd, 2021, we are excited to structure a 24-game season running from April until September for the Playoffs. Game days will consist of 5 inning double-headers, scheduled one Saturday per month, and will not interfere with any other leagues. Players will be transferable to help make up numbers for other teams who may be short of players, but they cannot play for both teams during one game. To create opportunities for all, a WB-UK Scratch open team will be made up for independent players who have no teams located nearby and wish to participate in games where players are short. Friendly games will be arranged for scratch players to experience more game time throughout the year whilst teams are being developed across the UK. It is also in the BBF and WB-UK's interest to provide international opportunities for the players and help grow the women's baseball community worldwide providing COVID-19 restrictions are eased, and it is safe to do so.

Dr. Kat D. Williams - President, IWBC

"We at the International Women’s Baseball Center are so proud of the work done by the British Baseball Federation. Few organisations around the world have been as dedicated or as successful as the BBF at providing opportunities for women to play baseball.

Women deserve an equal opportunity to play, coach, umpire or just be part of baseball. Some might argue it isn’t really that important, after all it’s only one sport. Women have access to other sports. To us baseball is not just any sport. It is THE sport and simply put everyone should have the chance to play it. The BBF is making sure British women get that opportunity and the IWBC could not be prouder of the example they set.”

Great Britain Women's Baseball Team