2020 Open Baseball Tournament

Welcome to the 2020 British Baseball Federation (BBF) Open Tournament. As a result of COVID-19 and government guidelines our regular baseball season has been suspended. As an alternative, we have organised an open tournament contingent the government guidelines allow us to hold baseball games, we are forecasting to start the weekend of the 1st August. All proceeds raised go to the NHS frontline workers, who have been the true hero's during this pandemic.

British Baseball Federation Baseball OPEN Tournaments

Terms (but not exhaustive):

  • Awards: The winners in each division receive a British Baseball Federation National Tournament Award.
  • Baseballs: Baden Perfection 3B-NFHS or Wilson A1010 Match Baseball. It is the responsibility and cost of the home teams to provide six new baseballs for each game. However, once the teams advance to the playoffs, the BBF will provide the baseballs. Teams can only use one of the baseballs for the entire game, i.e., teams cannot mix and/or match.
  • Bats: Per BBF rules.
  • Dates: Women's Tournament will be played on Saturday's. Seniors will be primarily played on Sunday's. However, any team which is open to play on Saturday's will be allocated the date in the schedule. For example, AUGUST: 2, 9, 16, 23 and 30 (all Sundays). SEPTEMBER: 6, 13, 20, 27 (all Sundays). Playoffs begin in September for teams which advance. Brackets will be made shortly after teams registration deadline.
  • Divisions of play: Single-A, Double-A, Triple-A and National Baseball League. Plus, Women's League (seperate email or online form).
  • Eligibility: Teams entering must agree to our terms and rules. Any team across the country are eligible, including independent leagues or non-affiliated BBF teams. Teams and players will be subject to follow safety and social distancing guidelines. If a player, coach, offiical prior to any fixture in the past 14 days leading up to a fixture, knowingly been in contact with anyone that has tested positive for COVID-19; exhibited any symptoms commonly associated with COVID-19, including fever; or traveled to restricted countries, will be automatically barred from taking part in the tournament.
  • Fee: One time and a fee of £15 per team, only. All fees once paid or donated are non-refundable. All financial proceeds earned from the team fees will be donated to the NHS front line works. Fees are due on or before the 20th July. Fees for umpires, baseballs, field use and misc., for all games are the responsibility solely of the home team. Once a team advances to the semi and finals the BBF will pay for officials and baseballs.
  • Fields: Each team is required to have secured a home field for all of thier fixtures at their own cost. The Finals will be the responsibility of the BBF.
  • Insurance: All teams entering must provide a valid insurance certificate which covers their participants and team throughout the tournament. Insurance certificates verification deadline is the 20th July.
  • Minimum number of rounds: Each team is guaranteed to be scheduled in to play a minimum of five rounds (depending on entries). Each round is the equivalent of a doubleheader on one day i.e., time, weather and government guidelines allowing. Each team will be assigned to play in mini-brackets near their geographical area to minimise travel. Winners of each bracket advance to the playoffs and finals. Teams which do not advance to the playoffs can (optional) continue to play to determine their overall ranking at their own cost.
  • Officials: The home teams is required to provide and at their cost an official for thier home games. The exception is the NBL division, whereby the BBF will provide an offiical at a minimum. Once teams enter the finals the BBF will source and pay for the offiicials. Participants registration: Opens the 6th July. Each team participant (manager, coach and players) must register to make up a specific roster. Player registration closes on or before the 20th July. A seperate link and email to go out to the teams which register. Players can only be rostered to one team. No cross over including playing up/down divisions, with the exception the women and youth who can play on both the women’s/youths team and seniors teams (subject to scheduling constraints).
  • Protests: Teams which protest a game are subject to a £50 fee which will go towards a donation to the NHS.
  • Rosters: Maximum senior teams roster 25 players—youth divisions 14 maximum per roster. No cross over of players playing up or down on other teams or divisions. Once a player registers he or she is ring fenced to their respective team throughout the tournament. The exception, women can play in the Women's Tournament, on a Saturday, and then play on a Sunday for their Seniors Team.
  • Rules: Revised BBF rules and safety guidelines will apply. Women's Tournament will have their own rules. Standings: Each divisions standlings will be posted on the BBF website. Seedings are determined by the best records, followed by winning percentage.
  • Scorekeeping: The home team is responsible for scorekeeping. At the end of each game (same day) teams are required to submit their scores to the BBF.
  • Team registration: Opens 1st July and goes until 15th July.
  • Uniforms and hats: All teams are required to wear matching uniforms for the duration of the tournament. Uniforms must have a unique number on each top.

NOTE: All of the above is subject to field availability and level of entries. Schedule will be subject to change due to weather/rainouts and governement guidelines and permissions to play fixtures. Details for youth and Women's baseball seperate.


All team entry fees raised will be donated (100%) to the NHS workers.

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