WHEN: THU 16 APR 2020 AT 19:30 BST

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Coaches and players


  • Introduction
  • Hitting Drills to improve and correct flaws
  • Questions and answers with the attendees


Our webinars aim to provide you with free access to an extensive pool of professional knowledge about the game of baseball from around the world. You can then best harness the knowledge acquired, and information learned from our webinars and use it to create a knowledge strategy for your coaching, officiating or use it to develop your playing skills.

The webinar is free to attend. Open to the anyone from anywhere.

Spaces are limited, so register now.

Justin Stone bio

Justin Stone is one of the most in demand private instructors in the baseball world. Justin’s coaching career began as an Assistant Coach at Division I Indiana State University. Thereafter, Justin became the head instructor at the Chicago White Sox Training Academy in 2004. Considered as an expert in the field of high-speed video analysis, Justin utilizes technology to teach baseball mechanics more efficiently.

Justin then went on to found Elite Baseball Training in Chicago. Elite Baseball Training is a premier training facility for all aspects of baseball (pitching, hitting, fielding, travel teams etc).

In 2019, Justin Stone was hired at the Director of Hitting of a Major League Baseball Club. Tune in on the 16th of April, to learn hitting drills from one of the top hitting instructors in the world.

British Baseball Federation mission:

To advance and promote opportunities in baseball, so that participants in our sport can enjoy and expand their reach through our Federation.

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