To gain the competitive baseball edge you need to make use of sports science. That is, not only to develop into a top baseball player but to develop into the complete athlete.


Webinar: Sports Science

Athletes can become great baseball players. Baseball players who want to perform at a top-level, need to maintain a diverse and evidence-based workout plan. Making use of the latest sports science and baseball drills enhances speed, quickness and agility. This webinar focuses on providing evidence-based athletic performance drills that foster individual performance on the baseball field.

Join us for our free webinar dedicated to baseball drills to develop baseball players. Insights:

  • Clarity on what speed drills are scientifically supported to enhance your performance.
  • An understanding of the science shaping the future of developing quickness in baseball players.
  • A roadmap to develop your baseball agility training to mitigate injuries and allows players to recover faster from soreness and injury.


Sports Science for Baseball

Speed, agility and quickness drills


Chad Gravenorst

Major League Baseball (MLB) Player and Coach Development Consultant (Europe and Africa) \ Sports Scientist

Bill Holmberg

Major League Baseball Player and Coaches Development Co-ordinator for Europe and Africa

FREE Webinar: Sports Science

DATE: Wed 3rd June 2020 at 19:30 UK time

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